Friday, 23 June 2017

Dodging the downpours

Managed to dodge the showers the past days which is always a bonus.

It is good to know that I can still climb with my noodle arms which is a pretty good thing since I know what is coming next.

I am going to miss Scotland and all her adventures but it's now time to look forward to copious amounts of wine, ice creams and fine cheese.  Roll on summer ...

Friday, 16 June 2017

A change of pace

I have been home for nearly 3 weeks now.  During that time I have been in, on and around the mountains but have had no urge to bimble up one Corbett or one Munro.  If I am honest, there very nearly were 2 Munro's on the cards, but the weather was pants so we went biking instead.  I have absolutely loved enjoying my extended backdoor playground and discovering bits that I never knew existed.

I feel as if I have done nothing but walk up hills since the start of winter and it is nice to have a complete change and recharge the batteries.

This summer, K2 was back on the cards, but for lots of reasons that's been pushed back for a year so I found myself with a very empty diary.  However, with a return back out to the Himalaya's for another 8000m and a 7000m peak towards the end of summer and all of autumn, for some strange reason I haven't had the urge to fill up the diary with work.

So, what does a girl do with an empty diary ......  Well, I could fill it up with work since that would be the grown up thing to do but life is too short :)

A plan has been hatched which will definitely involve something new (slightly nervous but excited at the same time), most certainly rock shoes, crampons and axes, ropes and helmets.  I was going to say no early starts and no shivering on cold belay ledges but that's a lie.

Not wanting to wish my life away, I have another 7 days of awesomeness planned on home turf before I drive south and certainly will not be stopping until it is very hot and I can justify eating 2 ice creams per day.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Tibet, here we come ...

For the past 13 years, whenever I have been at home, I have seen this picture every day.

It makes me smile.


In 2004, Adventure Peaks gave me the opportunity to lead their Cho Oyu Expedition.

It never just opened doors, it opened corridors with multiple rooms and every room held another adventure.

Today, I depart once again with Adventure Peaks to lead their Cho Oyu Expedition to where it all began, so to say that I am excited would be a huge understatement.

Bloggie updates will be directed to the Adventure Peaks News Page.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Farewell Scotland

My feet are smarting after just 2 days in the rock shoes.


This week has all been avoiding the rain.  We have succeeded but have been nearly hypothermic on more than one occasion.  Today saw the cardinal sin of having to wear socks under my rock shoes - not a pretty sight even if I do wear happy socks.

Tomorrow is the start of another big adventure and sticking with tradition I am no where near ready ...

Sunday, 2 April 2017

That was that then ...

Skis packed away? Yup

Winter rack now a summer rack?  Yup

© Mr Drew Photography

Summer rock shoes activated?  Yup

Motorbike MOT'ed? Yup

First cut of the grass done?  Yup

Road bike activated?  Yup

Mountain bike activated?  Yup

Hey ho, that's summer arrived then.

Monday, 13 March 2017

The 8000m Peak Team

Oh my goodness, I am not sure that the Himalayas are ready for these guys.

In 10 days time Ronny departs for his Lhotse Expedition.

In 10 days time Rory departs for his Everest Expedition.

In 4 weeks time, Di departs for her Cho You Expedition - better late than never ...

I will be remaining professional at all times and will not being throwing snowballs from afar towards them and I definitely will not be heckling them on the radio.

For the past 3 days, we have climbed and down climbed lots of puddles of snow.

However, having mastered the art of surviving a very pathetic attempt at Scottish Winter, the biggest dilemma for the past 3 days, was what cake to have.  Boys ... really ...